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From the beginning of 2009 ZEN GARDEN have played everywhere in

Italy in the biggest venues and open-air summer events. On Sunday 15th
of November they played in front of 12.700 people on the stage of the
Olympic Palace of Barcelona (Sant Jordi Palau), where usually played
and play Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, AC/DC, Shakira, Coldplay, Muse,
and where the spanish national TV (TVE) filmed the ZEN GARDEN
performance. In June 2010 they were absolutely the first and only italian
U2 tribute show payed for doing a south american tour. During the tour
Zeno gave interviews to four different Venezuelan newspaper and three
national TV channels together with the band. Again in June 2010 ZG
played in the biggest Dutch live open-air, the Reuring Festival, at
Purmerend, in front of more than 10.000 people. Before the show they
had a special interview for the Dutch U2 Fan Club. On 9th of October of
the same year they play for 25.000 people in the Expò of Zaragoza during
the Pilar celebrations, together with Ska-P and other international
productions. In 2011, in adding to their Italian booking, they work in
Germany and Belgium. At the end of the year, after another successful
tour across Spain they are the first U2 Tribute in the world to be
requested for a tour in the far East of Russia. In 2012 ZG tour across
Romania. In the following months they begin the second great southamerican
tour, this time across Paraguay (March) and Brasil (July). In
Brasil ZG played in one of the two greatest auditorium of the whole
nation, the Arena Via Funchal. In the same month they are involved in
another spanish tour, followed in August by a new tour in Holland. In
February 2013 ZG act for the first time in Peru, during the opening party
of the new Hard Rock Café Lima. The collaboration with the Hard Rock
Café Company goes on in April 2013 with three H.R.C. gigs in Guatemala
City. April 2014 means for Zen Garden the second time in Brazil, for two
great gigs at Teatro Positivo in Curitiba and at Clube Atletico Juventus
in Sao Paulo. In the following June the U2 tribute is on stage for the first
time in Malta. At the beginning of August 2014 France choose Zen
Garden for a big festival in Mers Le Bains. On 15th of the same month
the band play again in Russia, this time in San Petersburg. In July 2015,
the aimed target is reached. Zen Garden are the first tribute band from
Italy chosen for an 8 gigs tour all across Brazil from one of the biggest
production of the entire south american Country. 2016 is the Mexico
year, with a tour across the main concert locations of the Country,
including the huge and famous Monterrey Arena.

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